Sola Scriptura

The Bible is the most read book in the world. But… is the Bible the Word of God?
And if it is, is it also the ONLY divine authority over our lives?

1. What is "Sola Scriptura"

"But 'Sola Scriptura' isn't specifically written in the Bible!" - Heard that argument before? Or maybe you have used it yourself?
Then you're a child of the Reformation, but doesn't know why... But no worries, in a few minutes you'll be a full-fledged Protestant. 🙂
Let's go!

2. What does the Bible say about "Sola Scriptura"?

Is "Sola Scriptura" even Biblical?
It would be rather embarrassing if the concept that wants to legitimise a book is not found in the book itself, right?
Let's take a look at what the Lord Jesus Christ and the apostle Paul had to say about this topic.

3. Why is "Sola Scriptura" vitally important?

Isn't this just some theological side issue? What does it effectively change in my life?
Well... "Sola Scriptura" is the only chance you have of knowing what God's will is for your life.
If you give that up, the devil has an easy time.
But... why?

4. Why 'only' ?

Maybe it's already clear for you that the Bible is God's Word. But is it the ONLY book? What about other ones? Or texts? Or how about sermons? Does it really have to be ONLY the Bible? Let's take a look.

5. Is the Bible clear?

"The Bible is soo mega complicated. I can't understand it – at all!" Ever heard this?
Why do so many people say they can't understand the Bible? Why would God give us the Bible if it doesn't speak clearly?
Well, the Bible speaks very clearly. Let's take a look at these questions.

6. Just a matter of interpretation?

Scripture not only speaks God's words in individual verses AND in the overall picture, but it also has the key in itself as to how we should interpret them.
Ok, this sounds quite theoretical... what does it really mean and how does it work?

7. What does "living Word" mean?

The Bible is alive! Many people read the Bible with the intention of judging it, but find that the Bible judges them! The Word is alive because the Holy Spirit can speak to the human spirit through it. This means that we Christians can completely trust the Word of God.
But why does nothing happen in my life when I read the Bible? That's what it's all about now.